How to Open an Electric Roller Shutter Manually

Electric roller shutters offer excellent convenience and security, but what happens when there’s a power outage? Knowing how to manually open an electric roller shutter is crucial for emergencies or maintenance.

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide to help you through this process:

Step 1: Locate the Manual Override

Most electric roller shutters feature a manual override mechanism. This is typically found on the motor or within the shutter casing. The manual override can be a crank handle or a chain designed to enable manual operation when the electric system is unavailable. Consult your roller shutter’s manual to identify the exact location and type of manual override mechanism for your model.

Step 2: Gather Necessary Tools (if required)

Depending on the type of manual override system your roller shutter has, you may need specific tools such as:

Crank Handle: Provided by the manufacturer, this is often stored near the shutter.

Winding Rod: Another tool that might be necessary for manual operation.

Wrench: Occasionally required to access the override mechanism.

Ensure you have these tools ready and accessible, particularly in case of an emergency.

Step 3: Ensure Safety First

Before attempting to manually open the roller shutter, ensure your safety:

Turn off the Power: Switch off the power supply to the roller shutter to prevent accidental activation while manually operating it.

Secure the Area: Make sure the area around the shutter is clear of any obstacles or hazards.

Use a Stable Ladder: If the override mechanism is out of reach, use a stable ladder and have someone assist you for added safety.

Step 4: Access the Manual Override Point

Carefully locate the manual override access point. This is typically a small slot or hole near the motor or on the side of the shutter casing. Refer to your roller shutter’s manual for exact instructions.

Step 5: Insert and Turn the Crank Handle or Winding Rod

Insert the Tool: Place the crank handle or winding rod into the manual override slot or hole.

Engage the Mechanism: Turn the tool in the direction specified by the manufacturer’s instructions, usually indicated in the manual or on the shutter casing.

Start Operation: This action will engage the manual override mechanism, allowing you to manually raise or lower the shutter.

Step 6: Operate the Shutter Manually

Turn Smoothly: Gradually turn the crank handle or winding rod to raise or lower the roller shutter manually. Avoid forcing the mechanism as this could cause damage.

Adjust Speed: Adjust your turning speed to ensure a smooth operation. Rapid movements can lead to jerking or damage.

Step 7: Secure the Shutter

Once the roller shutter is in the desired position:

Lock the Shutter: Secure it by locking the bottom rail or using any additional locking mechanisms provided.

Ensure Stability: Check that the shutter is stable and will not move until power is restored.

Step 8: Perform Maintenance Checks

After manually operating the roller shutter:

Inspect the Mechanism: Look for any signs of wear, damage, or loose parts.

Listen for Noises: Pay attention to any unusual noises that could indicate a problem.

Check Movement: Ensure the shutter moves smoothly without resistance.

Step 9: Contact a Professional

Manual operation is a temporary solution. To ensure your roller shutters are in optimal condition and to address any underlying issues, it’s essential to consult a professional. For expert assistance with roller shutter repairs or maintenance in Sydney, contact Fix My Shutters. Our team specializes in handling roller shutter issues promptly and effectively, ensuring your peace of mind and the security of your property.


Knowing how to open an electric roller shutter manually is essential for maintaining functionality and security during power outages or other emergencies. By following these detailed steps and understanding your shutter’s manual override system, you can confidently manage your roller shutters and ensure they operate smoothly.

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